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What our Parents Say...

Emily Rayner


So many opportunities for independence and imagination. 

To be honest no feedback….other than keep doing what you’re doing, it’s amazing! The staff are always giving little golden nuggets of information where the children are exploring offering so many opportunities for development. The staff I met today were so nurturing and just everything I want for my little boy in a care giver. Thank you so much

Kristie Wood 


I just wanted to say how amazing it was to come in today and do multi sports with …..! 

I had such a fun time. I will never forget the smile on her face when she saw me and how she paraded me around to meet her friends which such pride.

Such precious moments I will cherish forever. Definitely would love to have more opportunities to join in! 

Thanks for doing such an amazing job as always!

Alice Logue 


Can’t believe how lucky we’ve been to have the Barn on our doorstep and have all my children experience the wonderful people and world created at the Barn. Such a fantastic start in life for all of them. Thank you!

Ashley Cunliffe


I think inviting us parents in for a session was an amazing idea! To come and see what it’s all about was so much fun! 

.......... was so excited to share everything at forest school with me, he was so excited to show me each and every area, and also telling me the rules! 
Forest school is actually much better than I ever thought it was, the freedom and adventures they can do is just beyond everything I could wish for ..... to start his education with! To be perfectly honest, I left feeling quite emotional that it’s all coming to an end for him, his happy place!! The place I know he is happy and safe! 
Everything has been thought about above and beyond! 

I can’t wait to come and experience it all again with my next child! 
Thank you so much to you all!

Vicky Smith 


I just wanted to drop a note to say a huge thank you to all of the team for the beautiful card and book that you delivered to ….

He was so excited to tell me when I got home just now and although he has read the book twice already, I have had to promise we can read it again as soon as he has finished his lunch

Thanks for always taking such good care of him and putting a smile on his face even when he’s not actually with you at The Barn

Sarah Shutt


I can’t Thank you all enough for accommodating us 

Always going over and above 

Harriet Watson


Everything I have to say is 100% positive. I just love everything you do; I love that it is very child-centred and children can choose where they want to play with the support of the support. I myself am a big advocate of helping children to be as independent as possible and I just loved seeing how you teach the children to do all aspects of forest school life by themselves. 

The activities set up for the children to access are amazing; you offer such a range of great resources but also it was clear to see that your staff are highly skilled too in the way they engage with the children and use questions to get them thinking.

Tabitha Lewis


We just wanted to say the biggest thank you for putting on last nights nativity. It was so amazing to see how well they all did (staff included!) and it does show you that the sky really is the limit!

Thank you for giving our children the confidence to face anything in everything you do. Last night was so much more than just a nativity for us as parents. It was a glimpse into the wonderful world our children are a part of everyday, so thank you, again.

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