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Our Photographer

Well here she is... the elegant and beyond talented Belinda Grant. The adored face behind the camera and the genius behind the nothing short of sensational photographs that grace our website.

We met by chance on the recommendation of a much respected local Headteacher and there is where our love story began.

"I'll take your picture," she said... and so she did!

But, the thing is, she didn't just take our picture - uh-uh! Instead she captured the unique evanescence of each little soul, whilst bringing the enchantment of our nursery to life. The face behind the camera, that is never the subject of praise, stole the show.


In fact she achieved the impossible - she froze time.

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Belinda Grant
Photography & Film

She froze time for just long enough for devoted parents to behold forever the beauty of their child's young spirit, as the whole world rushed on passed them. so here's to Binnie and the true joy her talent brings to the lives of many. I think we would all agree... such a gift is priceless.

Follow, share and shower this fabulous photographer with love.

You wont be disappointed.

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