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At the Barn, we believe that in order for children to learn they need to feel safe, secure and valued. Learning through child initiated experiences and exploration is our prime approach at The Barn.  We embrace an independent approach to learning and follow the Early Years' Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). By enhancing play and extending child-led activities through carefully planned provocations and challenges children receive high quality interactions to ensure that they reach their maximum potential.

Independent learners 


We believe that following children's interests allows them to lead the direction of their learning and, results in higher engagement and achievement and therefore attainment.

Highly qualified practitioners offer guidance and challenge to extend children's learning and understanding of concepts

Early phonics and number sessions


Children are introduced to numbers and letter sounds through short, exciting carpet sessions. At The Barn, we use the  'Read, Write Inc' scheme. Each letter is a character with a story that the children enjoy. The 'Read Write Inc' scheme has been proven to be highly successful when teaching children to learn to read and is also used in local schools. When children are ready, we encourage them to:


-Explore and experiment with sounds and  words.

-Distinguish between sounds in the  environment and phonemes.

-Show an awareness of rhyme and  alliteration.


What learning looks like...

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