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Home schooling … here we go again... again

As another week of home schooling dawns upon us… how are you feeling? With 4 young boys to home school, many a business commitment and the whole world kicking back into action around me, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep all the balls in the air! Well... who am I kidding…? I don’t think they ever really flew their correct flight path in the first place! A very wise and adored friend, my fellow Barn owner, put it into perspective last week when she said… “They will have missed 75 days at school, that’s it!” When you think of it across the vast span of their school careers, I wonder why I let the doubt creep in on this very precious gift of time together. So, let’s all give ourselves a break – it is what it is and we will see it through to the bitter end. We may not be delivering the same curriculum as school but it’s just as valuable in its own right. We have learned to keep ourselves safe and to be tolerant and patient beyond words. We have learned to manage our own emotions tenfold and that saying sorry is a virtuous trait. Their physical skills have excelled. They have dug holes and built dens - lit fires to cook their own tea and mastered the art of back somersaults. The miles we have walked and talked and what we haven’t learned about nature, simply isn’t worth knowing. In the time we have had for each other we have cuddled and lazed and my have we muddled through! One thing is true…. we are lucky enough that our children are fit and healthy and we have survived 3 months solely in each others’ company without external influence. We are happy together. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have each other and the love between you all. We have forever to catch up with the world… it can wait! We never give up at The Barn

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